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Global Warming Fraud

Here's a web movie that everyone should see:  The Great Global Warming Swindle


It was done for British TV, so has the authentic air of impeccable respectibility. 

For the congenitally impatient, the two principle scientific observations that are reported here but standardly ignored or supressed in the media frenzy are:
1)  CO2 changes lag global temperature changes.
2)  Global temperature changes correlate closely with solar flare activity.

The fraud of the global warming scare has become, thanks to the scientifically illiterate media, the "conventional wisdom."  The media specializes in scaring people and the Global Warming scare suits their agenda perfectly.  For instance, the governor of Oregon recently fired the state's chief climate scientist for publicly doubting the existence of the problem.  The Weather Channel has recently come on board with the party line that human activity and the resulting CO2 emissions are the source of all our problems.  Al Gore recently won his Oscar for his bravery over the issue.  Gore's movie is pure fantasy.  It's even worse than science fiction.  A logically and intellectually objective view of Gore's work is that he is either quite stupid or quite malicious. I don't know which is the case.  But I can guess.  Would you believe that the climate model that Gore relies on for all his predictions does not include the effects of the sun?

The program is a little over an hour in length.  It will be well worth your time and attention.