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Camera Info

The digital camera has revolutionized  picture taking.  The simplicity, combined with my total lack of discipline in discarding bad and redundant pictures, results in sites like this one, with over 7000 pictures and still growing.  Sigh...  Before about 2003 I used various film cameras to take Kodachrome slides.  Remember those?  One older section of the photo gallery consists of pictures taken on my June '52 trip to Philmont Scout Ranch.  These were scanned and converted to *.jpg image files.  All the rest were taken with one of three digital cameras.

The first camera was a  Canon PowerShot S400 Digital Elph.

camera Here's a self-portrait taken in a mirror, then digitally reversed.

The main feature that I love about this camera is it's tinyness.

It's only 3.4 x 2.2 x 1.0 inches.  That means it fits comfortably in a shirt pocket - with a string around my neck in case it falls out.   When you turn it on, the lens barrel extends another inch.

At the time, I thought 4.0 Mpixels is more than anyone needs.  It did make pretty good pictures.  Unfortunatlely, it succumbed to a kayak trip;  the protective zip-lock bag didn't protect.  And the dessicant bag of rice trick didn't work, either.  I salvaged only the memory chip.

The second camera is a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FS25, pictured here.  lumix
It's about the same physical size but has a larger viewing screen and 12 Mpixels.  A bigger memory card, too - 4 GB.  It has many controls and options for focus and exposure that greatly simplify picture-taking. 

Both cameras use a 4x3 image aspect ratio

The third camera came for free when I finally bought a smart phone - a Moto G. motog
There are, of course, two cameras - the main one in back has 13 Mpixels, and the one in front, the "selfie" camera, has 5 Mpixels.  Wow!  Progress marches on.

The aspect ratio is "HighDefinition" - 16x9, I think.  The operational controls take some getting used to, but it seems to be a pretty capable point-and-shoot camera.  The big advantage over the Panasonic is that it's always with me in my pocket.  The disadvantage is that Android seems to have gone to extreme lengths to make it difficult to transfer pictures from the phone to my computer.