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Home Page of David De Graaf

DATIX, Inc. is my computer consulting business, providing support to small businesses with Linux systems and network services. I build and install new systems and support them. In the networking area, I create wireless and wired networks, and create secure communications over the insecure Internet. I support Windows systems with samba, although I strongly encourage everyone to use open-source software and avoid the inadequacy and inflexibility of proprietary software.  It is better to switch completely to Linux whenever possible to attain the extraordinary benefits of security, reliability and versatility. Backup services are a specialty and I have developed special software to implement reliable and effortless data protection.

I live in Hendersonville, in the southwest part of North Carolina, and offer hands-on support within reasonable travel distance and remote support anywhere. Contact me by email at dad@datix.us

However, this is my personal web site, and you will find here a large gallery of photos mostly of interest to family and friends that get updated infrequently.

There are some helpful (I hope) hints on configuring Linux systems, and various other topics.  Feel free to browse using the menu items on the left.  These pages were created with KompoZer, another great example of open-source software.